A major obstacle associated with emerging market trade is the perceived high cost of international payments. A problem for organizations of all sizes, it particularly affects SMEs.

Primarily, there are two reason why businesses incur such expense.

Firstly, exotic emerging market currencies are typically more volatile than major currencies. Exchange rates for such currencies are generally thought to be more susceptible to rapid change and fluctuation.

Put simply, if an adverse change in exchange rates occurs, businesses making payments in and out of emerging markets can see costs quickly spiral.

The second major cause of expense can be found in the lack of awareness of alternative payment providers.

Most organisations making overseas payments, especially to emerging markets, will typically do so using traditional banking institutions. This is where things become most expensive, time consuming and stressful.

Using banks and other traditional providers means having to navigate a complex minefield of red-tape and bureaucracy. Combined with this are high fees and charges, made deliberately non transparent.

Whether making payments to or from emerging markets, banks and other traditional providers will charge large transaction fees as standard. Transfer speed is also extremely slow. Payments to emerging markets can often take a week or more to arrive, something unacceptable in today’s global economy.

Bank exchange rates too, are extremely poor. When dealing with exotic currencies, expect a quote 4 – 12% worse than the actual inter-bank exchange rate. Conversion costs on the execution of a foreign transaction are also very low. As such, exotic international payments are a profitable revenue stream for a banks, with little incentive to pass on the gains to their clients.

Ten years ago businesses engaged in emerging markets would have found these barriers near impossible to overcome. Thankfully things have progressed greatly. Businesses now no longer have to be held ransom to the expense of banks.

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