Over the past decade, Africa has experienced unparalleled levels of growth and regional development.

Despite this success, Africa collectively has yet to fully realise its true potential. A primary reason for this is that businesses across the region face a number of obstacles that limit their ability to trade with parity to those in traditional market economies.

Chief amongst these obstacles, is that African businesses face prohibitively expensive foreign exchange costs, which can significantly weaken margins and impact profitability when trading in different markets.

To explore this topic further, we sat down with Kwanji CEO and founder Leslie Onyesoh

With a background in African trade, Leslie’s inspiration for Kwanji draws heavily upon his early experiences of importing and exporting across MENA and allows him to speak with knowledge and insight on the pain points experienced by businesses trading in these markets today.

Kwanji helps businesses trading to and from Africa minimise currency risk by always getting the best rates on foreign exchange.

You can compare multiple quotes from respected local African banks and international foreign exchange providers, to ensure you get the best price and protect your bottom line.

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