Opportunity or Threat? Uncertainty Clouds Global Markets

‘May you live in interesting times.’ This much quoted Chinese proverb/curse feels particularly relevant once more. Markets the world over are currently plagued with uncertainty. Interest and intrigue grows daily. Entering the third quarter of 2015, nobody appears sure what to expect following an already turbulent year. Greece just announced unexpected economic growth of 0.8%. [...]

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U.S. Aims to Make Up Lost Ground in Africa

The United States is pivoting towards the emerging market economies of Sub-Saharan Africa. As part of this push, President Obama was in Ethiopia to address the African Union. Africa’s potential continues to grow due to increased global economic uncertainty. In Europe we’re still in the middle of the Greek crisis. Similarly, Asia’s economic outlook looks [...]

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Obama Unlocks Kenya’s Potential for Growth

There is a wave of excitement about Kenya following President Obama’s historic whistle-stop tour. Far from just a Presidential photo-op stop, the trip was a continuation of the Obama administration’s push to support local business climates in Africa, as well as the trade capacity of the region as a whole. Whilst the US President’s visit [...]

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