The FX Firm form part of Kwanji’s trusted panel of foreign exchange providers. Established in 2009, The FX Firm are committed to providing our clients with seamless international transactions, superb customer service and competitive market rates. The FX Firm can facilitate payments to over 180 countries and boast a currency suite of 140 currencies, including 30 African currencies.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Partner at the FX Firm, Nat Davison.

A currency expert, Nat has over ten years experience in the sectors of finance and foreign exchange. Beginning his career at TTT Moneycorp, where he set up and ran their Australian trading base, Nat went on to become Division Head of Global Reach Partners (another member of Kwanji’s payment partner network) before becoming a Partner at The FX Firm.

Watch our interview to find out more about The FX Firm’s trading history and how their partnership with Kwanji can help businesses of all sizes to scale globally from anywhere:

Kwanji’s partnership with The FX Firm is helping businesses in both emerging and traditional markets to gain unrestricted access to the very best FX rates.

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