About Us

The Kwanji comparison platform allows you to compare deals from regulated banks and brokers, who are competing for your business in real time.

Most businesses will save between 0.5% to 2% of foreign turnover by using the right foreign exchange bank or broker compared to a high street offering, depending on currency pair and jurisdiction.

Over time, these savings, both in money and time, are significant and will enhance the bottom line of any business.


Amit Khosla
Chief Executive Officer

Amit covers strategy, implementation, fund raising, business development and strategic partnerships. He has particular expertise within Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania. Before Kwanji he worked for 10 years in the FMCG, Tech & Manufacturing industries.

William Lorenz
COO & Founder

William has a wealth of experience in the fintech world and a track record of building successful companies. Prior to Kwanji he was a founder of Ixaris which is now a £300M turnover company built on his compliance, payments and banking expertise.

Advisory Board

Henning von Spreckelsen

Henning is an entrepreneur and Sainsbury Management Fellow. An expert in the fields of marketing, finance and strategy, he is also Chief Executive of Shere Investment and a Non-Executive Director at Square Rig.


German is an emerging market specialist, with over 10 years of experience at the International Finance Corporation. He is also CEO of CVG CAPITAL and has achieved consecutive annual performance awards for driving growth in emerging markets.


Nas has extensive forex experience having worked for RBS, ICAP and most recently Currency Cloud. He is a well-regarded mentor with Goldman Sachs & Level39 and was Enterprise UK’s mentor of the year 2012.


Paul is a payments expert who works with us as a hands-on advisor. He was with UBS, Earthport and Neteller before founding Envoy which was sold to Worldpay for £75M in 2011.


Thaer is CEO of the Electronic Money Association, the European trade body for the e-money industry. He leads industry regulatory discussions with the UK government and EU parliament and is able to advise on long-range changes in regulation that may impact Kwanji’s products and customers.

We Only Work With The Best Local And Global FX Partners

UKforex - OFX
Fx Firm - Frontierpay
ABC Bank
Credit Bank
Halo Financial

All of our partners are regulated either by the FCA in the UK or local equivalent