About Us

The Kwanji comparison platform allows you to compare currency converter deals from regulated money converter banks and brokers in the UK, who are competing for your business in real time.

Most businesses who need a money converter will save between 0.5% to 2% of foreign turnover by using the right currency converter compared to a UK high street offering, depending on currency pair and jurisdiction.

Over time, these currency converter savings, both in money and time, are significant and will enhance the bottom line of any business.

When choosing the right money converter for your business, it’s important to take your business needs into account. All of our banks and brokers are regulated currency converters in the UK and offer a wide range of options for your transfers. For example, if you need your money converter to send the money as soon as possible, or can afford to wait for a better rate.

You can use our platform from most places in the world, and don’t have to be in the UK to benefit from Kwanji. One of the benefits of using our platform is that you get the benefits of using a UK regulated bank or broker, without having to be in the country.

If you aren’t operating in the UK, the sign up process is still the same and we’re on hand to help if you’re not familiar with the UK verification processes.