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Easily & Quickly Calculate Foreign Exchange Rates With Our Powerful Currency Converter

Think you are overpaying your bank? Kwanji currency converter gives you a real-time currency exchange rate so that you can make wise trading decisions and achieve huge cost-savings on international money exchange transactions.

Beware of Marked up Exchange Rates – Choose Kwanji Currency Converter UK

Banks and conventional foreign exchange providers often lure clients with low-cost or free transfers but tend to mark up the exchange rate. At Kwanji, we leverage advanced technology and high-end efficiency to deliver you the best rate every time. Simple and intuitive, we provide accurate and real-time currency exchange rates for over 165 currencies across the world. The exchange rates that our money converter in UK provides are live, much nearer to mid-market figures that are otherwise not available to consumers.

Our foreign exchange rates are trusted by top-notch corporations, auditing firms, as well as individuals from around the world. The robust currency converter UK uses cross-rates to provide accurate foreign exchange rates for other currencies. That means you can easily calculate the value of EUR (Euro) to any other currency and facilitate seamless currency exchange or money transfer using Kwanji, without having to pay heftily to banks and financial institutions.

The money converter also allows you to add a certain percentage of the interbank rate that your bank charges to specifically determine the total value of any currency exchange transaction, and compare it with a negligible percentage charged at Kwanji. This will help you understand where you are overpaying to banks and financial institutions, and how our currency exchange platform can help you save up to 75% in the overall margin cost of the transfer.

How Our Money Converter Works?

Kwanji currency converter in UK is simple and convenient to use. Type 3-letter ISO standardised currency code, currency name, or country name to choose your currency. You can convert for 1 unit or mention any amount for which you want to get the exchange rate. Click “Convert.” The live, mid-market foreign exchange rate will be shown to you instantly for effective decision making.

Cutting-Edge Comparison Tool – We Help You Save More!

When it comes to bulk currency exchange amounts, it isn’t just about the conversion rate. A lot of other factors add to it, including interbank rate and transfer fees that you are eligible to pay to any average bank. And in most cases, these are remarkably hiked, significantly increasing the overall value of the transfer. Therefore, Kwanji brings to you a reliable and one-of-a-kind platform that lets you compare real-time money exchange rates from top brokers and banks in the UK.

The comparison tool allows you to check exchange rates of 165+ currencies for any amount and compare brokers with the best deals. The comparison tool will instantly show you the most profitable Forex rate with its corresponding broker/bank, and how you can save as compared to an average bank. So simply sign up, submit your application and upon approval, send and receive international currency exchange payments with the best rates on every transaction.

Why Choose Kwanji Currency Converter?

Get real-time, mid-market currency exchange rates in seconds from reputable UK payment partners
Robust and intuitive currency converter that can show live exchange rates for over 165 currencies from across the world
Do not overpay your bank; compare exchange rates and have a great rate every time
Trusted currency authority that provides accurate forex rates for businesses, tax authorities and other agencies
Great customer support for any issues pertaining to the signup process or UK banks and brokers verification process
The money converter tool can be used by members from across the world

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