Our crowdfunding campaign recently launched in November.

We’ve partnered with Syndicate Room, utilizing their comprehensive equity crowdfunding platform to handle investment.

The campaign has been live for 20 days and we’re proud to announce that we’ve already achieved 80% of our funding goal.

Building upon Kwanji’s successful launch in Kenya, we’re continuing to grow our in-country support and functionality across Africa and Latin America – where its impact will be greatest.

It’s an exciting opportunity. By opening up investment, you’ve now got the opportunity to join an emerging market B2B payment specialist, that is positioned to become the driving platform for facilitating trade payments to, from and between the emerging markets.

Of course, you don’t just have to take our word for it. Highly respected and skilled investor Paul Townsend has also chosen to join our crowdfunding campaign.

A payments expert, Paul has previously worked with UBS, Earthport and Neteller before founding Envoy which was sold to Worldpay for £75M in 2011. 

He recently appeared on the Angel Investment podcast, going into full detail as to why he invested and the great opportunity Kwanji represents. You can listen to the full interview here:

Want to find out more? Don’t worry it’s not too late!

You can get more information on the Kwanji crowdfunding campaign by heading over to Syndicate Room:

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