What would no deal mean for Sterling?

Image credit - Think Stock Sterling rose during the first days of this week, following a steep fall last week, as political uncertainty eased and data on the industrial sector beat expectations. British factories had their best two months of 2017 in July and August, implying that the Bank of England remains [...]

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May’s speech continues to weigh on Sterling

Credit - GettyImages At the annual Conservative party conference on Wednesday, Theresa May set out her plans for The British Dream.  Unfortunately, said dream was played out as much more of a nightmare, especially for sterling.  A heckler with a P45, a very persistent cough and a party motto literally falling off [...]

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Protect Your Margins As Brexit Starts To Bite

The global marketplace remains braced for further economic shockwaves as we head towards the tail end of Q3.  For businesses with overseas financial commitments, this is a particularly turbulent time. As the ugly spectre of volatility becomes more apparent, it also becomes harder for businesses to adequately forecast risk going forward. Climate of Uncertainty [...]

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SpeedUp Africa: Empowering Africa’s High Flying Entrepreneurs

The Kwanji team recently returned from a powerfully productive trip to Ghana, where we’d been selected to attend one of the continent's most prodigious growth and investment events for startups: SpeedUp Africa. Launched by legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper and Toro Orero, Managing Partner of DraperDarkFlow; a US-based VC fund focused on helping [...]

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ATBF 2016: Africa, tech and so much more

The Kwanji team are proud to have attended the inaugural Africa Technology Business Forum during London Tech Week 2016. With an overall theme of “turning challenges into opportunities through innovation", the forum explored the exciting opportunities that have arisen due to the widespread adoption of new technology in Africa.   Hosted at the offices of [...]

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The BCA: Unlocking Africa’s Potential

The Business Council for Africa (BCA) has successfully promoted trade and investment across Africa for over 60 years. With its base of operation in London, the BCA has established its reputation as the leading independent, not for profit organisation, which brings together foreign and African business interests under one roof (www.bcafrica.co.uk). We recently had the [...]

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Brexit Wreaks Havoc on Global Forex Markets

Brexit Shocks The Market News of Britain’s decision to leave the EU continues to reverberate far and wide. Not simply an insular issue, the economic ramifications of ‘Brexit’ will be felt by businesses trading around the world for some time to come. The global marketplace, already experiencing sluggish growth in 2016, can expect a [...]

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Save Big On Transfers Between Your Foreign Currency Accounts

Transferring currencies between multiple foreign currency accounts can be expensive. Cash management across multiple currencies can be complicated and time-consuming, with your funds exposed to the financial risk of currency volatility. Internal transactions made across multiple foreign currency accounts will not only increase your exposure to fluctuations in exchange rates relative to your denominated [...]

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Trade With Africa? Watch How To Overcome The International Forex Barrier

Over the past decade, Africa has experienced unparalleled levels of growth and regional development. Despite this success, Africa collectively has yet to fully realise its true potential. A primary reason for this is that businesses across the region face a number of obstacles that limit their ability to trade with parity to those in traditional [...]

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Understanding Kenyan Volatility

Over the past decade Kenya has proven East Africa’s great success story. The government's policy of sustained investment in infrastructure and human capital have helped foster growth and encouraged national businesses to become more competitive on the world stage. Yet despite rapid growth, the spectre of volatility has loomed large. Kenya’s economy has frequently had [...]

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