Connecting your Sage One account

This “how to” walks you through connecting your Sage One account to Kwanji so that you can seamlessly pay your invoices

IMPORTANT: Before attempting to connect your accounts, you must first visit on an external page

Select your country/region and log in directly to your Sage One account…

1. From the Dashboard, click the ‘Add ons’ button or ‘Click here to Link’.


2. Choose Sage One and click on the ‘+’ symbol

3. A pop-up will appear asking you to re-enter your Sage One details again

4. Authorise Kwanji to connect with your Sage One account

5. Your Sage One invoices are now available on the Kwanji Dashboard

This step may take up to a minute - please be patient!

6. You can now pay your Sage One invoices directly from here

Your invoice details will be loaded into the new payment page for you to complete the transaction – note that the receive amount is fixed to ensure correct reconciliation. If you need to pay a different amount please go back to the dashboard and start a new payment afresh.


7. All done!

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