What makes Kwanji different?

Kwanji’s fx partners can deliver payments to over 200 countries in 160+ currencies. Our partners are however bound by international regulations relating to economic sanctions and the easiest way to think about it is that if you can trade somewhere then Kwanji FX can too! Our partners have a network of in-country bank accounts, which means we can pick up your funds in over 80 countries worldwide. There may be some restrictions – local monetary laws that we must comply with but the effect is the same. International trade and payments made easier – reach more counter-parties and engage in more trade. Our motto is ‘From Anywhere to Anywhere’ and We mean it!

The Kwanji service is unique and born out of experience of the frustrations of international trading. Not just in one market for a small group but across all markets as our experiences are all very similar whether you are based in Europe, the America’s, Africa or Asia. As a result we knew we needed to think differently.

We are not a bank or payments company, we are not a forex provider. We are comparison and facilitation service which is linked to specially selected partners who we believe can give your business the best – best rates, best service, best fees and the best experience.

We are starting with forex – international payments but are already scaling into new services to make life that little bit easier. So be sure to sign up to our newsletter to get news on all our forthcoming updates.

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