Business & Organisation Account Registarion & Activation

This “how to” walks you through the steps necessary to activate a Kwanji account for businesses

1. Sign up for a Kwanji account

Log In

2. Start things off by comparing rates and filling out your estimated monthly trade volume and expected trade frequency.

Click ‘Activate My Account’ to start entering your personal information.

3. Select the ‘Business or Organisation’ button

Business Account

4. Fill out your business information

5. Fill out your personal details

Personal Setails

6. Electronically sign your account application

You will have to provide consent to use Electronic Records and Signatures before review and signing of the document

Sign Doc

Please review the Terms & Conditions. Click ‘Next’ to proceed…

… click ‘Sign’ or ‘Sign Here’

Confirm your name and signature style, click ‘Adopt and Sign’ to proceed…


Click ‘Confirm Signing’ to finish Terms & Conditions review


8. Upload supporting documents

All documents must be certified by a lawyer, notary, accountant from a locally accredited association (such as ICPAK) accredited association (such as ICPAK)


Upload copies of the documentation required, then click ‘Finish’

10. All done! Your application will now be sent off for review

Please be aware it can take few days to get your application processed and approved by our FX partners, but we will email you once your account is ready for your first transaction.

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