It’s an old yet inspirational adage,

‘If you build it, they will come.’

Not often used in the world of minimum viable products, lean methodologies and streamlined marketing campaigns; it feels particularly relevant after a new client recently got in contact.

The story played out like this. A sophisticated international investor was looking to invest in a couple of projects listed on SyndicateRoom.

Whilst browsing through companies listed on the platform, the investor happened upon Kwanji’s campaign.  Deciding to open up dialogue, he began with the statement: ‘I’m not convinced.’

The ensuing exchange revealed that the investor had used the likes of Transferwise before and had also previously experienced several problems making international payments from Spain. Interested in the Kwanji proposition, the investor decided to put us to the test by executing a couple of payments into other listed SyndicateRoom campaigns. If successful, he would also invest in Kwanji.

We’re pleased to say we passed the test and subsequently secured the investment, with one more investor added to our roster, moving us ever closer to our targeted campaign raise.

To all our current investors, thanks for all the support! For those who haven’t invested yet, why not put us to the test and try Kwanji for yourself? You won’t be disappointed.

Our campaign is now 85% funded. Interested in investing? Don’t delay, head over to SyndicateRoom to find out more.

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