Pay no transfer fees on currency exchange and save up to 95% on foreign exchange margins

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Compare currency exchange deals from regulated Brokers and Banks in the UK who are all competing live for your business on our multi-award winning platform


The Kwanji currency exchange comparison platform allows you to compare deals from regulated banks and brokers in the UK, who are competing for your business in real time.

Over time, these savings, both in money and time, are significant and will enhance the bottom line of any business.

Most businesses will save between 0.5% to 2% of foreign turnover by using the right currency exchange bank or broker compared to a UK high street offering, depending on currency pair and jurisdiction.

How it works

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Use our currency exchange comparison tool, get a range of real-time quotes in seconds. See how much you can save


Registration is quick and easy. Our secure online application process can take less than 10 mins

3. get approval

We submit your application to our regulated payments partners in the UK. Typically approval takes one working day

4. start trading
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That’s it! Make and receive international payments, unlocking the best rate on each transaction

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