Currency Exchange Made Simple, Fast & Efficient International Payments – Trade in 165 Currencies

No Transfer Fees – Enjoy Significant Cost-Savings

Do you know what the biggest challenge businesses face with regard to foreign currency exchange is? The remarkably high fee from the interbank rate they need to pay which results in 2%-4% rise in the overall value of the transfer.

Banks, globally, continue to make 45% of their profits from foreign exchange transactions! This is a huge cost that businesses have to bear for every money exchange transaction they make.


Kwanji – Trade More, Save More with Affordable Money Exchange!

Here comes a cutting-edge and robust platform in UK – Kwanji – that provides streamlined and cost-effective money exchange services in 100+ currencies and countries. It allows businesses to compare lucrative deals from highly reputable, FCA-regulated brokers in all at the same time and grab the best rates available. This can help them save at least 75% of their currency exchange costs.

  • Award-winning currency exchange comparison platform that can be used to pay invoices in foreign currency, perform treasury functions or transfer money between own currency accounts
  • No transaction fees; low margin on interbank rate
  • Make payments in 165 currencies across the world

How it works

1. compare rateS

Use our comparison tool, and get a range of real-time money exchange quotes in seconds from our UK payment partners.  See how much you can save


Registration is quick and easy. Our secure online application process can take less than 10 mins

3. get approval

We submit your application to our regulated payments partners in the UK. Typically approval takes one working day

4. start trading
international payments

That’s it! Make and receive international money exchange payments, unlocking the best rate on each transaction

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Key Advantages of Currency Exchange to Your Business

Kwanji money exchange platform has made foreign currency trading seamless, fast and efficient for businesses globally. One of the key benefits is you can access Kwanji from most countries across the world and get the best rates from the UK’s top-notch regulated banks or brokers. Businesses do not need to be physically present in the UK to leverage high-end efficiency the platform ensures.

Setting up your account in Kwanji currency exchange solution is simple & fast, and can be done 24/7. With quicker money exchange facilities, the platform aids in streamlined international trading and shorter time to market.

Sign up today and save big time on currency exchange transactions.